Thursday, October 16, 2014


Q: What is this DON'T PANIC game and is it a hunt?
A: Don't Panic! is an interactive survival horror game in Second Life. We've been building these games for 8 years and they are a tribute to our favorite horror games and movies. It is NOT a hunt. FREE Prizes from our Sponsors are hidden all over the game build in the rats you see around the house, but you MUST play the game to find them.

Q: Is it free/scary/mature?
A: Don't Panic is completely free though we do accept donations at the end if you'd like to contribute so we can keep doing these kinds of events. Don't Panic is also very scary for some and is not for the squeamish or easily offended. It is bloody, gross and has mature subject matter. If you do not like horror, this game may not be for you.

Q: What do I need to play?
A: You need to have a mesh capable viewer and our Game Hud package that is available at the game landing. You MUST to wear the hud to play.

Q: What do I do to play?
A: You MUST read the instructions in your hud package. I cannot stress how important this is. You have to at least read the QUICK LIST OF INSTRUCTIONS & TIPS. You must wear your hud before you go upi the stairs to the entrance or you will miss the first message to the hud. Once you have clicked the doors at the top of the stairs and teleported, you must explore all the rooms, find clues and hints to help you navigate through the Mansion. The building has three floors with hubs in the center and rooms in every direction Treat this game as if it were a video game in RL. Explore and click EVERYTHING.

Q: What about the hud?
A: The hud will communicate with you as you explore and click certain items in the game such as objects, doors, clues and even people. It will also serve as an inventory box for you to hold items you may need during game play.

Q: What if my hud isn't working? 
A: If you don't start getting messages from the hud soon after entering the game, try detaching and re-attaching it again. If that does not work, you may need to reboot. If that doesn't work, it could be that SL is having issues and you may need to try again later. 

Q: What are the inventory boxes at the bottom of the hud for?
A: These are to keep items you collect or pick up during the game. It is not necessary to collect them all and you do not get anything special for doing so. It is simply an inventory storage for items you may need. If you do not click certain items you may not get all the inventory. For example, if your friend has the door key and opens the door FOR you, you will not need that key and you will have an empty inventory box unless you find it yourself.

Q:Will the Hud save my items if I need to relog or come back and finish later?
A: If you log out, the Hud should save your collected items and the last in Hud message. If you are booted or crash, it could lose everything. Sadly this is Second Life and we have no control over that. Your best bet is to save your last location in the game and remove the hud before you log out. This should save all your information.

Q: How long will the game take to play? 
A: The entire game could take over 2 hours to play. Some have said it took up to 3 but admitted they weren't good at puzzles. Our beta testers, who are familiar with our games, took 1 hour and 45 minutes. We can do it in a half hour but we built it and we know all the answers LOL.

Q: How many prizes are hidden in the game and what kind? 
A: We don't know exact numbers as there are 22 designers, most who have donated multiple prizes. At this time we do not have a count but you are welcome to contact any of the designers to find out how many they have distributed. There are prizes for women of course but there are also prizes for men, kids, halloween decorations, full avatars & costumes, poses, eyes, accessories, and buildings too...just about everything. So there is something for everyone!

Q: Can child avatars play?
A: At Pulse and Snatch City we WELCOME ALL AVATARS, Kids, Furries, Goreans, Mutants, Robots, the Undead and even HUMANS! Everyone can play but we ask that all children be supervised by an adult and be respectful of other players. This goes for everyone else too. Please no gesture spam, remove poofers and primmy wearables and turn off any personal lighting other  than the (headset flashlight provided) which may lessen others enjoyment of the game and cause lag.

Q: Can we share codes and puzzle solutions with others?
A: All we ask is that you not share codes and puzzle answers in open chat or in the groups. You are free to help each other in IM and give hints in group chat. Anyone found giving out answers and codes publicly will be banned from our sims and all future events. Seriously.

Q: What do I do if someone is cheating/giving out codes and answers/bothering me?
A: In ALL instances please contact us so we can do something about it. IM Ivey Deschanel, Roblem Hogarth, Dragonia DeCuir, Yukio Ida, Sanura Snowpaw, Dahlia Darkstone, Kronos Renfold or Julianus Nightfire and we will try to help. You can also say something in the Pulse Games group and someone may be able to help you. Please tell us what is happening and the name/s of the avatars that are breaking the rules. If someone is bothering you personally, please mute/block the avatar and report them to us with details of the situation and we will do our best to take care of it. We want everyone to enjoy themselves and be able to play the game!

Q: I have a crappy computer, what do I do?
A: Unfortunately some people have computers that are not powerful enough to enjoy busy or complex events in SL. The frame rate may be low or rezzing takes forever. Sadly some may not be able to play the game in the way it was meant to be played. At the game landing, on the desk, we have put a list of things you can do on your end to help. We have done as much as we can to preload textures and keep scripts to a minimum.

Q: Where do I go to play DON'T PANIC?

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